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Spectra Engineering is a world leader ODM supplying to
famous OEM brands.


NEW  Software Defined Radio (SDR) 
Custom manufactured and designed by Spectra Engineering for OEMs worldwide.



This "no compromise" design delivers very high RF performance and specifications, unequalled by any other similar product on the market.

The MXDR product is only available for OEMs  Learn more...

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Custom Designed Factory: 731 Marshall Rd Malaga WA 6090.


Spectra Engineering is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high performance Base Stations and Repeaters. We offer more models and solutions and cover more frequency bands than any other manufacturer. Our products and peripherals are used in a diverse range of professional systems throughout the world. If your requirement is for Digital APCO P25, Trunking, Conventional PMR, Data or a special application, chances are we will have a product specifically designed for your needs.



The MX921, low current Repeater solution is now available with APCO P25 Digital option (T92)


The MX921, low current P25 Repeater solution, is designed from the ground up for the absolute lowest power consumption and features the lowest current draw of any professional high performance Repeater.


New External High Power RF Amplifier.

A VHF 300 Watt 100% duty rated RF Power Amplifier now available. Complete with Advanced Ethernet Remote Diagnostics and featuring high efficiency and very high reliability.
Ideal for Paging and other demanding applications.

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Spectra Engineering is pleased to announce the release of the Digital APCO P25 Repeater \ Base Station variant of the MX800 at the 2008 International Wireless Communications Expo (IWCE) in Las Vegas.

APCO Project 25 (P25) is the industry wide effort to set the standards of uniform digital Two-Way Radio for public safety organizations and has also been selected in other private system application(s), worldwide.

A major advantage for using P25 is to reduce spectrum bandwidth usage and the ability to recover excellent audio quality from noisier signals, where compared to analogue signals, the noise is always accumulative and degrades the audio quality.

Main features of the MX800 P25 Base Station & Repeater:

  • P25 Compliant 7200 bps IMBE™ Enhanced Vocoder.
  • P25 Digital audio to speaker & line.
  • P25 Digital audio from Mic socket & line.
  • Repeats all P25 transmissions.
  • Repeats analog transmissions.
  • Automatically switches to P25 mode on reception of a P25 carrier.
    (Allowing analog radios to still work on the same system.)
  • P25 Digital can operate on any freq band.
  • P25 NAC programmable or transparent.
  • Passes P25 private call and group call.
  • Repeater passes P25 clear or encrypted.
  • Front panel indicators show P25 status.
  • Design based around proven MX800 architecture.
  • 255 channel capacity.
  • Flash based software design allows future upgrades for new features.
  • Standard Analog MX800 can be upgraded to P25.
  • Low power consumption.
  • RF Specs in Digital mode are the same as Analog mode.
  • Programmable External PTT mode, Digital or Analog.
  • (T82) Optional Ananlogue & Digital Fixed Station Interface.
  • (T83) Optional Data Packet Repeat mode.



MX800 Now Available In RoHS
Spectra announces it's release of it new RoHS-compliant products on it successful generation of MX800/MXD1500 Base Station. Manufacturing incorporates the latest lead-free standards.
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MX800 Extended Simulcast capabilities
With the addition of the new T36 option, the MX800 can now cater for more specialized Simulcast applications and reduce the requirements for external system components and equipment
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Wide Band 100 Watt Power Amplifier .
Designed to suit your standard MX800 chassis. It's compact yet efficient heatsinking system maintains the highest possible levels of service in adverse environments. Ideal for those pager applications.
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Automatic Changeover Unit
The Automatic Changeover Unit (MXACU) is designed to allow connection of two identical MX800 base radios, activating only one of the base stations at one time in a active and standby configuration. It automatically monitors and tests for fault conditions and switches operation to the healthiest base station should a fault be detected. [more info..]


MXPS15 13V8DC Power Supply
The MXPS15 is a low-cost power supply designed to supply 13.8 volts nominal DC. This conservative design ensures reliable operation in today's most demanding system configurations and adds compatibility for future platforms.
The unique combination of rock-solid performance and incredible value puts the MXPS15 family of power supplies in a class of its own.


MX921 Repeater, Antarctic Installation.

New web page to share solutions, installation & application stories.

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