MX92X Series Base Station/Repeater Software

The MX92X Base Station\Repeater comes with its own internal menu system, which can be accessed with any general terminal package.
The menu system allows the user to change several configuration settings to suit the environment in which the MX92X must operate. The menu system is invoked by connecting the MX92X to any terminal program, setting the baud rate for that terminal to 57600, 8, N, 1, no handshaking.

The user can select various options from the menu, such as changing the channel information of the MX92X.
The changes made to the operation of the desktop repeater are stored in non-volatile memory to maintain the latest configuration even with loss of power.
Please see application notes located on our MX92x downloads pages.



Welcome to 900TOOLS, the programming utility designed to manage and program Spectra Engineering’s MX920, MX921, MX930, MX940 base station/radio. 900TOOLS provides an easy to use user interface for viewing and setting the parameters within the MX92x series Base Station.

900TOOLS can be used for :

  • Channel & Configuration setup/programming.
  • File saving.
  • Radio diagnostics.
  • Remote control such as channel select, software PTT, radio reset, etc.
  • Calibration.
  • Alignment.


MX920 Users please see our How to choose the correct MX92x Firmware File document, to ensure your MX920 is compatible with 900TOOLS. Radio Firmware Version >0.2.14 is required.

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